About Me

My name is Bartek Mieszalski. I’m 31 and I was born in Poland. I graduated in construction engineering at the Technical University in Gliwice. My master thesis concerned reusing of salvaged timber members in the building industry, with respect to their biological decay and loss of mechanical properties with time.


I also have the certificate of apprenticeship as a Technologist in Finishing Works.


Since I was 21, I used to come to Norway every summer holidays to paint houses as my summer job. In 2018 I moved to Stavanger with my remodeling contractor company for good and in 2023 I started offering my services in Iceland, too.


With 10 years in the industry, together with experience in using engineering software, graphic interest and wide recognition of market needs, I came up with an idea of helping people taking the right decision of the fasade colour choice and offer visualisations, both as a part of my painting services and as a separate offer available for averyone.


In meanwhile, I keep offering my painting services- both outdoor and indoor- as well as fasade washing, roof washing and rooftile impregnation, spackling, skim coating, flooring and wallpaper.

painter graphic designer



I launched this website in mid-2020 as a fruit of my 7 years (than) experience combining computer graphics with house painting. I know a lot about the painting services market, I understand the differences between the products of head producers and I know what mistakes can be made while painting the house by oneself or commissioning a company to do the project. Besides, I know many people who painted their houses even one year after the previous painting just because the choice of colour turned out to be ill-considered or too bold.


Shall I stay with white? If so, should it be classic white, egg white or cotton white? And perhaps it will be too dazzling? Will black be too sad? Then maybe grey, light or dark… The parents are telling us to leave the windows white, we’re feeling tempted by black… I know these doubts:) 


If you’re planning to paint your house soon and you’re not totally sure what colour you should choose, you may commission us to make the visualisation for you in the order tab. You only need to choose one out of four packages, send us the photos of your house and the colours you’re considering, and after a short while (depending on the package chosen), for a price being comparable to the price of one big box of paint, you’ll receive a visualisation in different colour options on your e-mail box. If you’re in a hurry, you may buy the Express option in the basket at extra cost. Compare the Mini and Standard packages, choose one of them, and we’ll take care of the rest.


If your house doesn’t apply to the description of those packages, e.g. it’s very big, shabby or complicated, or – apart from the visualisation you’d like to get some advice referring to the esthetics, materials, technical and safety aspects, personalised directly to your house and your doubts – you should choose the Max package. I’ve got the experience in every (almost) case and I’d love to share our knowledge.


You’re planning to buy a new house and you’re watching the offers, and somewhere at the bottom of the page there is that house with a beautiful garden, in perfect localisation, with a dream accommodation plan, but painted in blue. It must be repainted but how is it going to look then? Now imagine there are a few offers like that and you really don’t know what to choose…
The Buying a new house package is for those who have already found a few offers and would like to compare their looks in different colours from those they are painted in currently. Within one package, you can commission us to prepare visualisation for up to 5 different houses, simply download them from the offer website and attach to your order.


If you feel that none of the packages meets your requirements, use the Form, attach the photos and describe what you need in detail, and we’ll be back with a reply and valuation.


I’m also willing to share my experience, hence I invite you to my Blog, where I describe the topics connected with painting as far as I have possibilities and free time (meaning more often out of the painting season), basing on my own, my friends’, and my customers’ experience.