Buying a new house?



  • Up to 5 different houses
  • Up to 5 different pictures
  • Numerous colour versions per each house
  • Delivery time: 5 working days

Have you found a few houses for sale and you are hesitating?
Download the photos from the offers and send them to us together with the colours you’d like to see them in.

The package tailored for these searching for a new house.

We understand how difficult the decision happens to be and we hope this service will help you a little.

Buying this Package, you can send us pictures of up to 5 different houses (or, simpler: you can send us links to the active offers and we choose pictures ourselves). You choose, if it’s five pictures of five different houses, or more pictures for least houses (f.ex. 2, 2 and 1).

Let’s just make a deal, that a maximum of one of these five houses would apply for the Max Package in our offer (and the rest should meet the Standard or Mini ones). Should more than one of your possible new houses fulfill the description of the Max Package- attach fewer pictures in total.
To make it clear, we present possible combinations below:

  • 5 different Mini/Standard houses
  • 1 Max and 4 Mini/Standard houses
  • 2 Max and 2 Mini/Standard houses
  • 3 Max and 1 Mini/Standard house

The general rule is the same as in other packages. After you place your order and pay it, we reserve a 24 hours right to question your choice. In such a case, you will find information on your e-mail. You will have two options:

a) Pay for the difference resulting from the change of the package
b) Adjust your offer to the Package’s characteristic
c) Resign from the service and we will send back the total sum of money to the account you indicate.

Delivery time: 5 working days after accepting the project (24h).