• Delivery time: 3 working days
  • Medium detached house
  • Good or medium technical condition
  • Small details, decorations
  • Simple railings or barriers
  • Up to 2 photos
  • Up to 6 different colours versions (combination of wall-window-board colours)

The Standard Package covers the majority of single-family houses and contributes to over 60% of all projects we work on. It also concerns the projects involving houses belonging to the Mini Package as regards their size or shape, but when you attach more than one picture, want to try them with more colours than the Mini Package offers or when the existing paint is peeling off here and there

Below, we present general properties of houses qualifying to the Standard Package. If your project exceeds more than two of these conditions, you should choose the Max Package instead. Consistently, if you see the Standard Project covers more than you actually need, consider the Mini Package.


  • 2, not 1, pictures attached
  • 4-6 colour versions (combinations of wall-window-board colours)
  • 2-4 different colours of the walls and 2 different colours of the windows and other elements
  • 2-4 wall surfaces at each attached picture
  • The house itself is the only subject of the project- detached garage, bower, tool shed or any other separate structure do not qualify to the colour change.
  • 2-5 adult plants or furniture pieces obscuring the walls
  • This package does not apply to projects involving painting the fresh wood, painting the stained (with transparent/penetrating coatings) walls with surface paintings or in case if knots show through the current paint.


  • Useful floor area between 100-200m2
  • 1-2 habitable floors (excluding basement and attic)
  • The floor plan consisting of 1-2 quadrilaterals
  • 2-5 windows and more than 1 pair of doors at any of the attached pictures
  • Simple window casings, bargeboards and others
    Complicated or carved window casings, aprons, bargeboards, fascia, corners and other elements entail the choice of Max Package.
  • No grilles (muntins) in the windows
  • The railings on the balconies or terrace of a total length of 2-6m.


  • Satisfying condition of the walls: no more than one point with peeling paint at each 1m2
  • Clean walls in homogenous shade.

    The problem of dirty walls as the reason to purchase the expensive package can be solved by washing them with sope before sending us the pictures. You have to wait and let them dry anyway, and in meanwhile, before you buy the paintings, we can prepare the visualizations for you.
  • No or very little corrosion of metal elements (ie. on the windows, doors) resulting in rusty decolourization of the paint
  • Decent condition of the foundation wall- no cracks, moss of fungi (if you want to have it recoloured within the project)

The general rule is that we hope you choose the correct package best matching the character of your house, pictures you attach, and changes you want us to implement. After you place your order and pay it, we reserve a 24 hours right to question your choice. In such a case, you will find information on your e-mail. You will have two options:

a) Pay for the difference resulting from the change of the package
b) Resign from the service and we will send back the total sum of money to the account you indicate.


The Package consists of:

  • Redesign of 1 or 2 attached pictures of a medium detached house
  • Change of color of the walls (up to 4 colors) and windows + other elements (up to 2 colors)
  • Delivery time: 3 working days after accepting the project (24h).