How it works

We present the simplified version of our regulations below in a few steps. You won’t find any complicated details here, just all steps to get the visualization of the new version of your house resulting from the regulations. Even though we play fair and, in our opinions, we do not omit anything we should not omit here, we keep encouraging you to get familiarised with the full version of Regulations, too.


1. Have a walk around your house.

Think how many different perspectives with different color versions you’d like to see it from in order to make sure you’ll fully imagine its future look.


2. Take photos with your phone or camera.

Choose the highest quality in settings.
If one of them is blurred – take it once again.

Try to make the house as big part of the frame as possible – potentially the biggest possible but perhaps a broader perspective, e.g. with a part of the garden or neighboring buildings, seems more complete and reliable to you.


Avoid taking photos in poor light conditions – don’t take them when it’s too dark, don’t take them directly under the sun.

Take as many decorations off the walls as possible, move light garden furniture, or the grill. If possible, avoid taking photos from the places where the house is covered by greenery.

It’s not a problem for us, we can process any kind of photo, but the better one you send to us, the better picture you’ll get in return.
Obstructions may also result in the necessity of choosing the higher package!


3. Enter “order”,

choose the package that best suits the character of your house, the number of photos and the colors you’re considering.


4. Attach the photos,

write the names of the colors (or their codes) you’re considering (you’ll find them on the paint producers’ websites and in shops), give a detailed description of which elements (windows, door, frames, etc.) should be painted with a different color than the elevation.
If you find it useful to inform us about anything else before we get down to work, don’t hesitate.


5. We gathered the painting catalogs with the color tables here.


6. Remember that the color on the visualization may slightly differ

from the one you’ll get after painting. A lot of factors affect this, among others the condition of elevation before painting, the type of material, the technique of painting, the number of painting layers, the light conditions or the brightness or contrast of the screen you’re watching the photos on.
We reserve the right not to bear responsibility for those differences.


7. Fill in the form with all personal data and check all the agreements.

We will use your personal data SOLELY to send the complete order to you and, at a pinch, contact you in case of any doubts while working on your project. Then we’ll leave you alone, promise.


8. Pay for your order.

  1. In case we find the chosen and paid package not in line with the photos and requirements you sent to us, within 24 hours after we receive your order, we will inform you about it and you will have two options:
    a) Pay for the difference resulting from the change of the package
    b) Resign from the service and we will send back the total sum of money to the account you indicate.
  2. More often than not, we agree with your choice of the package and get straight down to work.
  3. In case you don’t receive the photos from us within the time guaranteed in the package, we’ll refund 25% of the price for each day of delay.
    Yes, if we are 4 days delayed, we’ll refund the total sum of money, which means you’ll have the project for free🙂
    Easy, it has never happened before.

9. Except for the abovementioned, there are two other ways of making the price lower.

a) If you agree to use the photos from your project on our website, you’ll get a 5% discount on your order.
b) We attach a single-use 15% discount code to the e-mail with the realization, which can be used for another order on our website, and you may give it to anyone.
(If you’ve chosen the NEW HOUSE package and you’d like to compare more houses than indicated in the package limit – contact us, you’ll buy the first package for the standard price but the second one – with the discount code).


10. Check your e-mail box.

Download the photos from the attachments and compare them without any rush. Don’t hurry with your decision, remember you’ll be looking at the chosen color for years.

If for any reason you’re dissatisfied with our work, contact us, we’re willing to talk. It may turn out that we really didn’t understand something, or didn’t see to something, then we’ll correct the photos and send them back to you as soon as possible.
Another case – perhaps we’ll be sure that you expect something more than the package you’ve chosen and paid for may offer. Then we’d have to talk about a possible extra charge for the extra work. But don’t worry, we are covenantal and first of all, we do care about your satisfaction and such situations hardly ever take place.