• MINI Package

  • 98/mo
    • Small detached house
    • 1 photo
    • Good technical condition
    • Lack of details, decorations
    • Lack of railings, barriers
    • Simple window frames

    Up to 4 different colour versions
    Delivery time: 2 working days

  • STANDARD Package

  • 138/mo
    • Medium detached house
    • Up to 2 photos
    • Good or medium technical condition
    • Small details, decorations
    • Simple railings or barriers

    Up to 6 different colours versions
    Delivery time: 3 working days

  • MAX Package

  • 238/mo
    • Big multifloor house
    • Or in poor technical condition
    • Up to 2 photos
    • Complicated solid
    • Including the adjacent garage or bower
    • Decorations, ornamentings
    • Railings and barriers

    Up to 10 different colour versions
    Delivery time: 3 working days

  • Buying a new house?

  • 368/mo
    • Up to 5 different houses
    • Numerous colour combination for each house separately

    Have you found a few houses for sale and you are hesitating?
    Download the photos from the offers and send them to us together with the colours you’d like to see them in.

    Delivery time: 5 working days

Non-standard Package

If you want us to make a project which in your opinion is not described by any of the above packages, contact us via our form. We like challenges and we’d love to prepare an individual offer adjusted to your needs.